Shamanism is a unique and ancient doorway into the human experience.

A shaman is a mediator between the spiritual and physical worlds, and as such, do most of their work in the spiritual realm. A shaman recognizes that All that is, is alive and has spirit and voice, and therefore works with the spiritual aspect of all things. MORE..

Shemanic Healing
Energy Medicine


Shamanic healers transmute and move energy in the invisible world to affect change in the visible world.

Shamanically speaking, medicine means power, healing, and knowledge. Our medicine is therefore to work as mediator between that which is the projecting force of deleterious energy in the spirit realm (nonphysical realm), and the recipient being affected by it. MORE..


Matrix Energetics (ME) is a powerful consciousness technique that provides for instantaneous and life-long transformation at the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels. Based on principles of quantum physics, Matrix Energetics creates and sustains a field of infinite possibility that is easily accessible to those who choose to play in it. MORE..

Matrix Energetics
bioenergy bodywork


Bio-Energetic Bodywork is a contemporary name for a particular doctrine embraced by shamans for centuries. From a shamanic perspective all of creation has spirit, intelligence, and voice. In order to promote healing for their client, the shaman’s intention is to dialogue and work with the spiritual identity – the body intelligence – of the aspect within the client that is in need of healing or reconnection. MORE..